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We source and ship Ethiopia's best coffees.

Discover the best coffees Ethiopia has to offer.

Discover the diversity of Ethiopian Coffee

Ethiopia's rich biodiversity makes it the perfect place to source a wide range of unique coffees. Whether you're a large scale trading house or an independent specialty roaster, we're here to help you find the coffee you're looking for.

We strive to help our clients navigate the complexities of the Ethiopian Coffee Market with ease.

Our commercial export division focuses on the export of wholesale large quantity green beans. Our most commonly exported coffees within this division are Lekempti coffees and other grade 4 and 5 coffees. We ensuring these coffees are sourced from reliable sellers which allows us to maintain a quality guarantee that we pass on to our clients. 

A smaller division within our company is our specialty coffee division where we source and process small batches of Ethiopia’s highest grade beans. 

Client requirements for specialty beans can be very specific so we’ve created systems and processes to ensure that we can meet all of their demands. 

For local traders in Ethiopia, we provide coffee cleaning, processing, storage and packing facilities. Our state of the are warehousing capacity and processing machines allow us to offer a wide range of bespoke services to local companies as per their requests. 

For international buyers requiring oversea shipping, we offer all standard shipping options. We work with all of the existing freight forwarders in the country based on availability and the client requirements. Our nearest port is Djibouti and all our shipments are fulfilled FOB. 

Our Coffees

We source coffees from every producing region in Ethiopia - here are some of our customers favorites.


A heavy-bodied coffee with fruity and sometimes spicy flavors - the Harrar coffees that we source are generally dry-processed and all are grown at elevations above 1,500m.


One of Ethiopia's most renowned coffees, with a light to medium body and a sweet flavor. The Yirgacheffe's are grown at altitudes of 1,700 to 2,200 meters above sea level, and are considered to be among the best high grown coffee in southern Ethiopian.


With consistently large yields over the years, Sidamo coffees have become highly sought after. They are known for their full body and low acidity and are grown at altitudes of 1,500 to 2,200 meters above sea level.


Guji coffees, grown in a small area in the Oromia region of Ethiopia, are known for their sweet and fruity flavors. They are generally natural processed coffees.


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Our History

With a 40 year track record, Ambassa has established itself as one of Ethiopia's top coffee exporters

1974 1974

Ambassa Enterprises Established.

In 1974, Ambassa Enterprises was set up by Geoffrey Wetherel in Addis Ababa. Geoffrey focused on large scale coffee exports and established Ambassa as one of Ethiopia’s early large scale trading houses.

1987 1987

Thriving Through the Decades

By the late 1980s, Ambassa had become one of Ethiopia's top coffee exporters by quantity. It focused its efforts on the Japanese market but managed to create strong relationships with buyers from around the world.

1996 1996

Ambassa Recognized

In 1996, Ambassa Enterprises formally received two awards from the Ministry of Trade and the Coffee and Tea Authority of Ethiopia recognizing its outstanding performance and the quality of its exports.

2018 2018

New Ownership

In 2018, the Bagersh family assumed ownership of Ambassa Enterprises, and the company entered a new phase of its growth. Today, Ambassa continues to strive to provide buyers with a range of services, including the sourcing of green beans, coffee processing and logistics handling.

Future Future

The New Vision

Ambassa now operates actively in international exports, processing, logistics and sources coffee from both specialty producers as well as wholesale commercial traders.

Coffee Import Made Easy

Reliability and Consistency

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